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Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation Squad


Squad Coaches:

Sensei Jason K. Ashcroft - 6th Dan - Senior Coach

Sensei Gerwyn Harries - 4th Dan - Head Coach

Sensei Robert Perkins - 4th Dan - Assistant Coach

Sensei Richard Williams - 4th Dan - Assistant Coach

Sensei Nathan Bridges - 4th Dan - Assistant Coach

Sensei Luke Richards - 2nd Dan - Youth Coach


Our WSKO Squad Sessions are for every Member of the Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation.....

Whether you want to enter competitions or not....


This page is dedicated to our Squad, where you will find Competition Results and our WSKO Squad League Table....


Everyone who trains on Squad Sessions including New Comers are put into the WSKO 'C' Squad


Anyone in the 'C' Squad can enter Competitions etc...

From the 'C' Squad, students are picked for the WSKO 'B' Squad


The 'B' Squad we will be picking an Elite 'A' Squad where through the year, we will be doing 'Fund Raising Events' and the 'A' Squad Members will be funded to go to competitions and international Events.


Criteria for Selection


We will be selecting students for the Squads on:

Squad Attendance - Performance at Squad Sessions & Competitions - Fight Off's


We will constantly be picking new students for the 'B' & 'A' Squad, so if you're not selected now, train hard and regular and you could be......