Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas

2nd Dan


Ystrad SKS



It all started in 2011 when I was just 6 years old. I joined Ystrad SKS where I participate in traditional shotokan karate under the watchful eye of my Sensei Mr Gerwyn Harries. During 2013 I became part of the WSKO Squad and I partake in Kumite at competition level. I also train with the Welsh Squad Kumite Coach. I train 4 nights a week and most weekends are taken up with competitions or attend courses.

So far in my karate life I have achieved:


Traditional Karate

2011 to 2014 – went through the KYU levels obtaining various belts along the way.

Feb 2016 - at age 10years old I achieved my 1st Dan.

Feb 2018 - at age 12years old I achieved my 2nd Dan.


Competition Karate

Since starting Competition Karate I have been chosen to represent my organisation to compete in various championships in Wales, England, Scotland and Poland.

2014 – U10 Team Welsh Champion.

2015  – U10 Team Welsh Champion, U10 Individual Welsh Champion, U12 Team Welsh Champion.

2016 - U12 Individual Welsh Champion and U12 Team Welsh Champion. 

2017 - U12 Individual Welsh Champion and U12 Team Welsh Champion. U12 Individual Camarthen Champion.

Whilst achieving titles and medals I have also learned just as much as on many an occasion having my backside handed to me on the tatami!

Other than achieving my Dan grades, 2017 was my best karate year so far with me obtaining 100% attendance within my traditional karate class, topping the Squad leader table and having my name added to the WSKO shield by achieving overall student of the year!

My aim is to compete for my country within the Welsh Squad. I would also like to follow in my Sensei’s footsteps and one day run my own class passing my knowledge and experience onto others.