WSKO Attendance Monitor

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Welcome to Our Overall Attendance Monitor Page....


We will be listing once a month Top Attendances from all the Clubs...

Every Student With 50 Sessions and More Will Be Listed.

(Sessions Amount Will Increase In Time)

Session Include Attendance at All Clubs, Courses etc...


Data Entry : 01-01-2013 - 30-10-2013


Student Name Student Club Attendance
Sensei Jason Ashcroft WSKO 179
Stuart Smith Tonyrefail SKS 126
Robert Ellis Cook Tonyrefail SKS 117
Rhys Owen Roberts Tonyrefail SKS 107
Rhys Rowbotham Pentre SKS 106
Kai Llewellyn Tonyrefail SKS 105
Sensei Robert Perkins WSKO 103
Gabrielle Sibley Tonyrefail SKS 103
Evan Bryan Meikle Tonyrefail SKS 100
Lewis John Williams Tonyrefail SKS 98
Daniel Ceri Rees Ystrad SKS 96
Olivia Thomas Ferndale SKS 96
Emma Addis Ferndale SKS 94
Caitlin Thomas Ferndale SKS 94
Ieuan Thomas Ystrad SKS 90
Joshua Luke Roberts Pentre SKS 88
Luke Michael Richards Tonyrefail SKS 81
Liam Noyce Ferndale SKS 85
Joshua Dean Rees Ystrad SKS 85
Bradley Lewis Rees Ystrad SKS 84
Kiera Leah Llewellyn Ystrad SKS 83
Morgan Rees Ystrad SKS 83
Harley Evans Ferndale SKS 82
Agata Czernecka Tonyrefail SKS 80
Chloe Lionne Davies Pentre SKS 78
Alex James Williams Tonyrefail SKS 77
Ashley John Western Tonyrefail SKS 77
Elisa May Lowri Dewar Tonyrefail SKS 76
Sensei Gerwyn Harries WSKO 75
Shelby Frances O'Brien Tonyrefail SKS 74
Agnieszka Czernecka Tonyrefail SKS 74
Michael Ryan Phillips Tonyrefail SKS 73
Ben David Thomas Ystrad SKS 72
Jamie Lee Perkins Ferndale SKS 71
Rachel Lee Pugh Pentre SKS 71
Daniel Kian Melling Tonyrefail SKS 71
Connor Darren Mc Cann Tonyrefail SKS 70
Emma Evans Ferndale SKS 69
Jacob Edwards Pentre SKS 68
Shaun Sojan Tonyrefail SKS 68
Tyler John Western Tonyrefail SKS 67
Ioan Mathias Pentre SKS 67
Luke Paul Tonyrefail SKS 66
Lucas Kyle Evans Ferndale SKS 65
Lewis Farmilo Tonyrefail SKS 64
Rhys Arwel Edwards Tonyrefail SKS 64
Bradley John Cooke Tonyrefail SKS 63
Ffion Mathias Pentre SKS 62
Daniel James Rees Ystrad SKS 62
Seth Olner Tonyrefail SKS 62
Thomas Nigel Rees Ystrad SKS 61
Millie Mae Jones Ystrad SKS 61
Lily Evans Ystrad SKS 60
Reeve Parry Ferndale SKS 60
Connor Evans Ferndale SKS 60
Courtney D. Palmer Ferndale SKS 59
Anson Thomas Ystrad SKS 58
Kavan Balthasar Evans Pentre SKS 57
Stephen Mark Lawry Tonyrefail SKS 57
Jordan Millier Ystrad SKS 56
Richard Hugh Williams Tonyrefail SKS 56
Faith Madison Davies-Jones Ystrad SKS 55
Jake Kirost Frary Ferndale SKS 54
Mikey Power Pentre SKS 54
Willow Salou Frary Ferndale SKS 54
Shaunna Louise Evans Ferndale SKS 52
Drew Laurell Davies Ystrad SKS 51
Jackson Pearce Magni Tonyrefail SKS 51
Sanjay Sojan Tonyrefail SKS 50