Carys Jones

Carys Jones

2nd Dan


Ystrad SKS



Hey my name is Carys Jones , I am 12 years old and I live in Treorchy.

I Train at the Rhondda Sports Centre with Ystrad Shotokan, Where I started Karate at the Age of 5.

In 2008 I passed my very first grading which was 9th  Kyu with Sensei Gerwyn Harries. I progressed through the years passing my belts which I achieved over 5 years with help and guidance from my Instructor.

At the age of 9 on the 31/3/2012 I passed my 1st Dan (Black Belt). Then at the age of 11 on the 27/4/2014 I passed my 2nd Dan which took Commitment, Preparation and Determination.

In the 8 years of doing Karate I have entered a few Competitions mainly kata as this is what I enjoy the most.

From my perspective Karate is all about Commitment, Hard Work, Self-Control and being Respectful.