Sensei Nathan Bridges

Nathan Bridges

4th Dan


WSKO Grading Examiner



I have been training in Karate for many years, first started training at an early age of six.

At this time I started Shotokan Karate with the Karate Union of Wales, whose Chief Instructor is Sensei Mike O’Brien.

I attained my 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 9, then my 2nd Dan, 7 years later and in 2002 I attained my 3rd Dan. I 
then attained my 4th Dan in December 2011 with Sensei Bo Channon under the WKC.

I joined the WSKO in May 2015 and was a Referee in the Welsh Open Championship.

I have won many Championships he is 5 Time Welsh Champion, K.B.I. International, North Wales Open Champion, and 2 time WKA Champion. Since the age of 23 I have represented Wales fighting for the WKGB Welsh Team in the Paris Open and the Dutch Open.


1988- Attained the level of 1st Dan

1995 - Attained the level of 2nd Dan

2000 - Attained the level of 3rd Dan

2011 - Attained the level of 4th Dan


2002 - Qualified as NVQ Level II


2008 - Qualified as Judge ‘A’ with the Welsh Karate Federation

2016 - Qualified as Referee ‘B’ with the Welsh Karate Governing Body

2017 - Qualified as Referee ‘A’ with the Welsh Karate Governing Body

Competition History :

1986 - Started competition , winning many local competitions

1986 - KUW Welsh Open Champion

1987 - KBI International National Champion

1993 - KUW Champion

1996 - BEEB Champion

1988 - KUW Welsh Shield Champion

2002 - WKA National Champion

2003 - Maesteg Champion

2004 - Vale Champion

2005 - Vale Champion

2007 - Welsh National Champion

2008 - Welsh Open Champion

2008 - North Wales Open Champion

2009 - Welsh National Champion

2010 - Welsh Team Champion

2011 - Retired from Competition Due to Injury