Bassai Dai Kanji

New Version of Kata Performed by Sensei M. Kagawa JKA

A strong, powerful Kata, and one of the earliest, also called Passai. The techniques contained are not vastly more difficult than those already mastered in the Heian Kata, but implying the concept of strength and will strong enough to storm a fortress, this Kata exemplifies the idea of changing disadvantage - an initial attack - into advantage by strong courageous response.

Although a Kata containing many vigorous elements, it is from the Shorin-ryu, and therefore the feeling of the Kata should be of precise, fast execution of technique, with due attention given to the appropriate balance between speed and power.

Bassai Dai Embusen

Again these Kata are from Northern Shaolin sources but from which sub-style we are not sure. They do however, have strong Tiger Style characteristics.

The name used on Okinawa was "Passai" and it translates as "Capture the Fortress".

We are taught that Bassai-Dai symbolizes the capture of the fortress and Bassai-Sho symbolizes the fight to get out again.

Containing 42 movements, the Kata should take just over a minute to perform.



Bassai Dai  -  To Penetrate a Fortress

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