Jion Kanji

New Version of Kata Performed by Sensei K. Shina JKA

It is thought possible that this Kata was developed either in the Chinese Buddhist temple called Jion or by someone associated with the temple, where it is known that the practice of martial arts was encouraged.

Of the 15 Kata which Funakoshi Gichin selected as the basis of his Shotokan Karate, and published inKarate-do Kyohan, only Jion and Jutte (10 hands) have kept their original names.

A version of this Kata is also practiced in Wado-ryu.

In keeping with its connotations, this Kata should be performed calmly, precisely and strongly, taking approximately one minute.

A useful Kata in the practice of defense against both armed and unarmed opponents, demanding precisely-aimed and focused blocks and counters.

Jion  -  Named after the Temple Jion-Ji

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