Meikyo Kanji

Kata Performed by Sensei T. Imura JKA

Previously called Rohai this is another Kata renamed by Master Funakoshi. Meaning 'a brightly polished mirror', the name does not signify simply the mirror-imaging of many of the techniques, but the philosophical reminder that the student should polish away at the Kata by continual practice and effort, so to gain an untarnished understanding of it, and thus of himself. This is a higher grade Kata, normally of 4th Dan Level.

Containing many close-range techniques, it provides practice in defending against both armed and unarmed attackers, and includes the distinctive Sankaku-empi-tobi-geri, a jumping counter with the defender ending to the rear of the attacker.

The use of techniques like Mortoe-kizami-ura-zuki bear consideration, as their current form points to other, more effective, bunkai.


 Unfortunately there is only the New Version of this Kata

Meikyo  -  Bright Mirror

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