Gojoshiho Sho Kanji

Kata Performed by Sensei M. Ueki JKA

There is an element of confusion regarding which of the two currently practised Kata should be designated 'Dai' and 'Sho'. The Federation of Shotokan Karate Follow the practice of ascribing the suffix '-dai' to the Kata utilising the Shihon-nukite technique as opposed to the Ippon-nukite other Federation work the other way round.

Of the Shorin group of Kata, and representing one of the most advanced of Master Itosu's Shuri-te, termedUseishi and further refined by the originator of Shito-ryu - Master Kenwa Mabuni - it was renamed Hotakuby Master Funakoshi. This was in line with his stated intention of clarifying the confusion and ambiguities surrounding the denotation of many of the early Kata, and he selected the name because the sharp, piercing finger strikes were reminiscent of a woodpecker pecking at a tree. The current name indicates the 54 major moves of the Kata.

Containing a variety of unusual hand techniques (Gedan morote kaishu-uke, Shihon-nukite, Ushiro Tetsui hasami-uchi, Morote seiryuto-uchi, etc.), this Kata gives practice in a range of self-defence techniques, from simple disengagement's to powerful striking and throwing counter-attacks.


 Unfortunately there is only the New Version of this Kata

Gojoshiho Sho  -  Fifty Four Steps Minor

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