Heian Godan Kanji

New Version of Kata Performed By Sensei K. Abe JKA

The final kata in the training Kata Series, as would be expected, gives practice in a variety of advanced techniques including successive upper and lower blocks Gedan juji-uke, Jodan Haishu juji-uke, and Chudan Osae-uke, plus distinct changes of height and rhythm. A bold-spirited Kata exemplifying the Shotokan spirit.

Containing 23 movements, the Kata should take about 45-50 seconds to perform.

Heian Godan Embusen

The old name for the Heian Kata was Pinan. These Kata were developed by Yatasune Itosu as intermediate Kata to the much longer main Kata of Shorin-Ryu. He did not make them up however, they were based on much older training forms called Channan, which had their origin in China.

Master Funakoshi considered Pinan Shodan too difficult for an introductory Kata so he changed Pinan Nidan to Heian Shodan and Pinan Shodan to Heian Nidan.


Heian Godan  -  Peaceful Mind - Level 5

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