Fantastic Results for the WSKO

Girls Under 10 Yrs Category

What a Fantastic Day at the WKGB Welsh Championships... Myself and the rest of the Coaching Team are some very proud people...

With only 17 Competitors from the WSKO, we walked away with.... 19 Medals - 5 Gold - 6 Silver and 8 Bronze

No matter if you won a medal or not we are very proud of all of our Squad because you all fought your hearts out...

Ok So Results...

Welsh Champions - Gold Medals

Girls Under 10yrs Team (Neisha Czernecka, Kiera Llewellyn & Olivia Thomas) - Gold

Kiera Llewellyn - Kumite - Gold

Luke Richards - Kumite - Gold

Silver Medalists

Boys Under 10yrs Team (Ben Thomas, Rhys Rowbotham & Daniel Rees) - Silver

Olivia Thomas - Kumite - Silver

Rhys Rowbotham - Kumite - Silver

Josh Roberts - Silver

Bronze Medalists

Men's Team - (Luke Richards, Liam Noyce & Stuart Smith)

Gabrielle Sibley - Kata - Bronze

Gabrielle Sibley - Kumite - Bronze

Liam Noyce - Kumite - Bronze

Emma Evans - Kumite - Bronze

Stuart Smith - Kumite Bronze


A Massive Congratulations to all of our Officials you did a fantastic job today...

Especially our New Comers:

Rob Ellis

Leah Summers

Emma Evans


Also Congratulations to

Liam Noyce & Emma Addis on Attaining their WKGB National Judges Qualifications today.


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