Great Results for the WSKO


Ten Students from the WSKO travelled to Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday 4th May 2014 to compete in the very popular Western Karate Union Spring Invitational.

WSKO Squad Members

This competition is regarded as a very hard competition to medal at as a lot of Welsh Competitors enter along with some Top English Competitors.

Everyone from the WSKO Competed Amazingly, we walked away with 4 Medals.... 2 Gold and 2 Silver unfortunately the refereeing was not up to scratch on some areas and some of our squad were beaten by bad decisions.... Its very easy to be biased with your own competitors but being a World Referee, I'm a pretty good judge when it comes to Bad Referees.. With all fairness to the competition it was very well run and its hard to get very good referees all the time.... and even the bad ones, they are just doing their best.

One particular decision was with Rhys Rowbotham, who was beating his opponent up until the last few seconds of the bout, with then the competitor performing a head kick which hit Rhys shoulder first then the opponent falling over after the kick, refereeing rules state:

1. Attacks cannot score if hits the hand or shoulder before hitting the head.

2. Falling over after a head kick cannot score unless being pushed.



Luke Richards - Gold Medal

Rachel Pugh - Gold Medal

Kiera Llewellyn - Silver Medal

Daniel C. Rees - Silver Medal

Gabrielle Sibley

Rhys Rowbotham

Ben Thomas

Ieuan Evans

Caitlin Thomas

Olivia Thomas


Thanks to Gerwyn as always for his great support and coaching along with Luke Richards.... And a thank you also to all the parents who came for support.


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