Fantastic Results at the WKGB Welsh Open Championships


WSKO Squad

WSKO Squad Medalists From the WKGB Welsh Open Championships Sunday 12th October 2014... Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff

2 People Missing - Sensei Robert Perkins & Harley Evans

Well what can I say these are Amazing Results for our Squad..... which has been going now for just over 18 months....

30 Medals and 9 Welsh Titles........ These Results Speak for Themselves....


I always knew what We as a Squad could achieve, I knew it would take time, but I knew we would get there...

The dedication from everyone..... Our squad Members and Squad Coaches have been just amazing !!

This was the Last Major Event of the Year, so for me it was very important to Finish on a High.... Which we did...

These results can be put down to two things, firstly coming off a Massive Event... The BKF british Championships and the Hard Work and Dedication from Everyone....

If you look at the Squad League Table, for me it really is plain and simple the ones that are OVER ACHIEVING are the students who train REGULAR and with DETERMINATION....

I would like to Thank the Rest of the WSKO Squad Coaches for their Hard Work through the year and of course our Amazing supporters.... They really do help our Squad perform at these Championships knowing they have great support behind them....

Bring On 2015........



Lucas Evans - Gold (Kata) - Welsh Champion

Girls Under 10 Team (Neisha Czernecka, Kiera Llewellyn & Olivia Thomas) - Gold (Kumite) - Welsh Champions

Boys Under 12 Team (Ben Thomas, Rhys Rowbotham & Connor Evans) - Gold (Kumite) - Welsh Champions

Kiera Llewellyn - Gold (Kumite) - Welsh Champion

Daniel C. Rees - Gold (Kumite) - Welsh Champion

Ben Thomas - Silver (Kumite)

Olivia Thomas - Silver (Kumite)

Girls Under 12 Team (Olivia Thomas, Shauna Evans & Harley Evans) - Silver (Kumite)

Girls Under 16 Team (Gabrielle Sibley & Rachel Pugh) - Silver (Kumite)

Luke Richards - Silver (Kumite)

Gabrielle Sibley - Bronze (Kata)

Stuart Smith - Bronze (Kata)

Girls Under 16 Team (Gabrielle Sibley & Rachel Pugh) - Bronze (Kata)

Boys Under 10 Team (Lucas Evans, Ben Thomas & Daniel C. Rees) - Bronze (Kumite)

Lucas Evans - Bronze (Kumite)

Neisha Czernecka - Bronze (Kumite

Connor Evans - Bronze (Kumite)

Caitlin Thomas - Bronze (Kumite)

Stuart Smith - Bronze (Kumite)

Joshua Roberts - Bronze (Kumite


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