WSKO Members Climb Pen y Fan

Pen y Fan

On Sunday 2nd November several squad members and a few supporters got together to walk Pen-Y-Fan.

The day started with a safety talk from Sensei Gerwyn (The Mountain Goat). Around half an hour later, yes half an hour, (that man can talk) the walk began.

To begin with everyone walked at a steady pace but soon it became evident that some were more competitive than others, off raced the Evans family, the young boys in the squad and of course Sensei Rob(with Jayden on his shoulders) and our very own mountain goat! Rachel kept Gab company up front as they went on a mission to find wi-fi connection from the internet cafe at the top,(yes they really did believe that). The more sensible of us kept up the rear and took our time.

Lots of fun and laughter and not forgetting tears (mostly mine) were had along the way and I am sure someone, not mentioning any names (Steven Evans) had a wee in a bush!

On almost reaching the summit you are faced with 2 peaks, the second being Pen-Y-Fan. Most of the group went up the first peak, I really don’t understand why as they only had to walk back down the other side, a few of us thought it easier and more sensible to walk around.

We then reached the top – all the children ran up the steep hill to the top to sit by a stone that said Pen-Y-Fan, yeah that’s right all that way and all that effort to see a stone!

At the top we had lots of photographs, kept the kids(mainly Dan Rees) away from the sheer drop and had our lunch

It was time to return down the mountain and the elite few of us chose the easy route whilst the rest took the hard way down. Why or why they would want to go the hard way was beyond me!!

Once everyone was off the mountain, most of the group made use of the burger van and we all headed for home.

The reason we put ourselves through this was to raise funds for the awesome squad which we are all privileged to be a part of.

The next time I have a fundraising idea as crazy as this one will someone please remind me of this day or failing that just give me a slap.

Written By Annette


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