WSKO Squad Bag Packs at Tescos Llantrisant


On Sunday 30th November several squad members and a few supporters got together to take on the task of bag packing at the Tesco store Llantrisant.

On Arrival we booked in and handed everyone a bucket and allocate a child and an adult to the tills. Sensei Rob spoke to the group about what was expected of them during the course of the day. And everyone listened with intent. Thankfully he doesn’t talk as long as Sensei Gerwyn does.

All the children were very polite and very well behaved. The adults on the other hand were a different story!

Throughout the day the squad took it in turns to use the cafe area of the store with most of the group taking advantage of the full cooked breakfast that was on offer.

Sensei Rob walked up and down the line of tills keeping each of the students in check as he went. I have never seen the children so well behaved. The older students were excellent role models for the younger ones.

I noticed that Stuart and Rob Ellis took great pleasure in chatting to the ladies as they packed their bags whilst Emma Evans went around the store buying things that had caught her eye whilst packing bags. She spent a fortune!

Around half way through the lady from Tesco came and spoke with me and commented on how well behaved our children were. This in itself speaks volumes as we are very proud of the way in which our students conduct themselves when at these type of events

Half way through the day Rob Ellis came around taking photos of the group capturing the hard work and effort that was being put in. Although Becci really does have a reason to sit down all day!

4pm did not come quick enough for most of us as many of the children had been promised a meal at Mcdonalds and thats all they kept on about almost all day!

We had a few group photographs and headed for home.

Again we arranged the day to raise funds for our fantastic squad and my thanks go out to everyone who took the time to help out on the day.

Written By Annette


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